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Suite 215, Gibraltar House, 74 Regent Road, Sea Point
Cape Town
South Africa

Event Experience Architects. We are the LEADERS in the premium events arena. 
With our matchless attention to detail and dedication to continuous innovation, we flawlessly execute unforgettable experiences that deliver our unrivaled brand of excellence.


Inspiring Innovation Through Active Participation

Running the largest and most prestigious unconference in Africa, we are the specialist leaders in designing and managing these events, especially in digitally focused industries.

By breaking the mould of a traditional conference, unconferencing provides an innovative experience that engages and energizes attendees. The loose structure, together with the relaxed and dynamic environment, encourages participation and the exchange of new ideas. 

As the only events agency offering this fresh approach to learning and sharing, we bring people together to do more than just passively listen. We inspire attendees to actively participate and collaborate, which translates into unexpected insights for businesses, their clients and partners.

Take a look at some of our previous unconferences to see what these experiences are all about.